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15th Shaaban – Birth of Imam Mehdi (ATFS)
Saturday 20th April, 2019 At 8:00 PM

Ramadan program INSHALLAH will be held and Momaneen are requested to sponsor iftaar.

Month of Sha'aban

General Amaal for Sha’aban 

Imam Ali bin Husayn Al Zainul Abideen (as) told his companions: “The Holy Prophet (S.A.) used to observe fast during the whole month of Sha’-ban. Therefore whosoever, in love of the Holy Prophet (S.A.), wishes to seek nearness to Allah and receive bounties, favours and rewards in this world and in the Hereafter, must connect Sha’ban with Ramadhan (in the matter of fasting and special prayers). Holy Prophet Muhammad al Mustafā (saws) said: “One who fasts for seven days in Sha’abān al Moazam would remain safe from the mischief and evil thoughts of Satan and his gangs. One who fasts for eight days won’t go thirsty from this world and would be satisfied by a pure cistern.”[Reference: Sawaabul A’amaal, page no. 95]
A Hadith reads that the skies decorate themselves each Thursday in Sha`ban and the angels pray saying, “O our God, (please do) forgive those who observe fasting on this day and respond to their prayers.”The Holy Prophet (saws) is also reported as saying, “If one observes fasting each Monday and Thursday in Sha`ban, Almighty Allah will grant forty of his needs—twenty pertaining to this world and twenty to the Hereafter.”

“What are the best deeds that should be done in Sha`ban.” The Imam (a.s) answered, “Almsgiving and seeking forgiveness are the best deeds in Sha`ban. Verily, if anyone of you gives alms in Sha`ban, Almighty Allah will breed that alms in the very same way as you breed your small camels. Hence, this alms will be as huge as Mount Uhud on the Resurrection Day.” It is a rescue from Hell Fire

According to narrations, the best supplications and invocations that are recited in Sha`ban are the prayers of seeking forgiveness of Almighty Allah (i.e. istighfar). Hence, to seek Almighty Allah’s forgiveness seventy times a day in Sha`ban is equal to seeking His forgiveness seventy Thousand times a day in the other months 



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Hadith of the month

"I revolted not for wickedness nor for fame. Verily, I rose only to seek rectification in the nation of my grandather, the Messenger of Allah."

- Imam Hussain ibn Ali (as) Tweet

Month of Sha'aban

15th Shaaban - Birth of Imam Mehdi (atfs)